Three examples of successful coaster campaigns

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Smyth Jewelers

Smyth Jewelers Ring Sizer Coaster campaign kicked off in April 2015. The unique coasters touted two of the Smyth Jewelers stores located in Annapolis and Ellicott City. A total of 172,500 coasters were distributed throughout the year among 10 venues in each target city. Venue staff and patrons alike were intrigued by the eye-catching interactive creatives, featuring ring sizer die-cuts with fun sayings such as "Yes, it's a hint. No, it's not subtle". Suffice to say these fun and popular coasters will rest on more fingers than countertops!

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Louie on FX

During the month of June, 2011, executed a bar take over campaign to promote the upcoming season of, "Louie" featuring Louis CK. managed to place coasters, posters, and table tents in select comedy clubs throughout the United States. The campaign was a tremendous success with placing the promotional items in 30 different markets throughout the country.

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Chelsea Piers

To promote Chelsea Piers Connecticut, placed 100,000 coasters in bars and restaurants throughout Stamford and Norwalk during two waves of distribution, which took place on December 2014 and January 2015. Multiple creative coasters with phrases such as "Lift more than a pint" and "Six-packs available" announced that "There's a new gym in town" and invited people to stop by for a tour. The coasters were a great way kick off the season of New Year's resolutions to get fit!